Conceptual Outline:


Venice is a politically, socially, and culturally charged front which is soon to become sacrificed to the tides of climate change. By closely examining the walls the reader can uncover the details of life in such a place. Through graffiti, stickers, and physical evidence of decay in a place torn apart by the modern day. By creating these photos I hope to redirect the gaze of the viewer to details which reveal the dire situation of the man-made marvel that is Venice, implicating the viewers and well as the systems in which that view operates.


Venice has changed permanently from what it used to be into a type of Disneyland - it is still expected to perform as a historical monument while the way of life it represents does not exist. Instead it’s government and local inhabitants are expected to conform their way of life to fulfill the expectations of tourists. 

It is widely believed that tourism actually boosts the economy of a city which in turn helps business owners which trickles down into the rest of the population. Although this is true in many ways, it is a misconception in many more. In addition to straining the resources of a city, overtourism harvests the beauty and culture of a city without respect for its long term consequences. Tourists bring in inordinate amounts of litter and gigantic cruise ships displace large amounts of water, causing further flooding. As is especially the case with Venice, overtourism ravages local life and drives out locals from homes they have lived in for generations. This destruction is heightened by the effects of climate change and rising water levels in the city. The life that the tourist imagines when looking and photographing Venice is one that is being destroyed by their looking